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Wedding Stationery Design

Design Deposit

Print Price

Design Collection Deposit + your handpicked ‘Print & Envelopes’

based on printing 25 sheets: works out at approx. £7.60 per sheet, when crafted by you

(each sheet includes 1 of each of the stationery items listed for your chosen layout, PLUS all your envelopes) 

  • £POA
  • If you have a particular type of paper or finish in mind let me know and we’ll explore bespoke options together.
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*Prices based on an order of 25 flat sheets, 320 x 460mm, single-sided, digital press printed (with all 7 items of stationery* on each sheet), ready to be crafted by you. Includes envelopes for all your: Save the Date / Wedding Invitation / Thank You cards. FREE UK delivery. No hidden charges. VAT included in prices where applicable.

Each of the beautiful, individual design collections arrive on a flat printed sheet (with all of the different items of stationery beautifully laid out) allowing you to order as many sheets as you need per invitation, crafted by you… (please see ‘extras’ if you would like your stationery handcrafted for you).

  • 'Bespoke Stationery Collection'
    - stationery design collection that's completely one-of-a-kind for your day
  • £250bespoke
  • save the date*
  • wedding invitation
  • RSVP card
  • order of service cover OR menu cover*
  • place name tags
  • gift tags
  • thank you card

  • *included within the Timeless Collection layout

  • + design ideas consultation

  • + finishing touches

Bespoke Design Deposit + your handpicked ‘Print & Envelopes’

based on printing 25 sheets: works out at approx. £14.60 per sheet, when crafted by you

(each sheet includes 1 of each of the stationery items listed for your chosen layout*, PLUS all your envelopes and finishing touches)

*quantites may vary if opting for select items of stationery from the list but we’ll always endeavour to fit as many items of your stationery per sheet for the best fit


Prices shown for guidance only. No minimum order requirement. Whether you only need a handful or you need more than 100, your print & stationery design proposal will be tailored to your selections and needs. You can mix and match your paper and envelope selections to best suit your chosen theme and colour scheme. I recommend ordering a few extra sheets and envelopes – just in case you need to add to your guest list, also gives you a complete set to keep as well as for photographing on your special day.

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ITEM description price each
BESPOKE DESIGN ELEMENT Commission a border, an icon, pattern design £50
HANDCRAFTED FOR YOU Your exquisite wedding stationery trimmed, hand finished and delivered ready to send out £7.50 per sheet
FINISHING TOUCHES Carefully handpicked embellishments to complement your theme and stationery collection and achieve a professional, handcrafted finish. *Final price will be tailored to your selections and quantity required. £30*
ORDER OF SERVICE / MENU INSERT DESIGN An elegant layout for the details of your day in keeping with your design collection. Single colour print ready PDF file, 1 sheet, double sided print, 4 page design £45*

P.S. If you would like extra ribbon / twine etc so that you can co-ordinate decorations for your day (eg. a trim for your bridal bouquet or buttonhole, to tie round favours, to string up photos, bunting or balloons etc) let me know how much you require and we’ll order it at the same time ready for you…

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ITEM description price each
SEATING PLAN A1, digital press printed, mounted seating plan perfect for display on an easel OR if you are looking to place in a frame opt for an unmounted seating plan for £56 £65*
FOLDED PLACE NAME CARD Folded, single-sided, digital press printed on matching collection cardstock £1.25*
TABLE NAME / NUMBER Flat, double-sided, digital press printed on matching collection cardstock £3.85*
MENU Double-sided, flat menu card, digital press printed on matching collection cardstock £4.95*
ROUND STICKER A personal finishing touch to seal your envelopes or your favours £0.70*
SIGN Personally welcome your guests to your ceremony or reception. **Price based on 1 x A2 sign, single-sided design, printed onto MDF. £65**

* Table Stationery prices based on an order for 80 Guests. Trimmed to size and hand finished. Co-ordinated with the Paper Buttercup Design Collections, if you would like a bespoke design please ask for details.

Prices shown for guidance only. No minimum order. Your table stationery quote will be tailored to your individual selections.

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