Keepsake Gifts

Contemporary Paper Cut Artwork - beautiful keepsake gifts: Campervan
Contemporary Paper Cut Artwork - beautiful keepsake gifts: personalised frame
Contemporary Paper Cut Artwork - beautiful keepsake gifts: bunny - new baby

A beautiful lasting keepsake gifts to celebrate your life’s perfect moments;

  • a timeless wedding keepsake, personalised with the happy couple’s initials and wedding date
  • anniversary gift – a stunning, unique piece of artwork (perfect for your 2nd year ‘Paper Wedding Anniversary’)
  • inspirational artwork to mark the occasion of a new arrival
  • a bespoke piece of artwork beautifully incorporating the names of your gorgeous family
  • capture a favourite poem, your vows, or blessing beautifully set within a bespoke paper cut frame…

Beautiful, contemporary keepsake gifts designed and made in Dorset, England.

Unique work of art

The beauty of shadow-art partly lies within its roots of folklore and traditions to visually tell a story. This is furthermore enhanced through the natural qualities of each piece of paper, combined with the intricate technique of paper cutting. All adding to the uniqueness and originality of each piece of paper cut artwork – no two are ever the same. This traditional art of story telling is given a fresh, contemporary twist with stunning, original paper cut designs to create enchanting artworks for you, yours and your home. Celebrating your life’s unique and perfect moments, new arrivals and cherished memories…beautiful design to tell your story.

Each stunning paper cut artwork is initially sketched then hand drawn using a pen & tablet to create the design and prepare the artwork ready for cutting. The details are then meticulously cut by laser (giving the artwork another unique characteristic), mounted and framed ready for you to display.

A beautiful keepsake gift.

Artwork designed and made in Dorset, England.

Contemporary Paper Cut Artwork - beautiful keepsake gifts

About the designer

British designer Becks Neale trained and qualified with BA (Hons) in Illustration at Bournemouth Arts Institute, then honed and specialised her contemporary design skills with leading craft manufacturers, distributers and private label brands over the last 10 years before branching out to develop her own exquisite collections, bringing you unique ways of sharing your story through design.

Having been into arts and crafts from an early age; creating, making, baking and styling; through to dedicated training in art & design and print management; hand-craftsmanship and attention to detail have become second nature and intrinsic to her work.

Inspiration is largely drawn from nature and the story behind. From the changing seasons with its variety of colour, form, textures and details, through to little phrases that beautifully sum up or characterise an emotion. Cherished words; affirmations, poems, lyrics, your own wedding vows, or a fond memory – are enchantingly incorporated into bespoke designs to capture those moments for you and to help you pass on your own unique legacy and story.

Your story is always beautifully held in the heart of the design.