The inherent beauty of handmade

Written by Becks

There is a natural, inherent beauty and charm with handmade. It speaks of boundless love.

Whether it is a handmade:

  • deliciously edible gift
  • cosy item of clothing
  • luxurious pampering treat
  • or an exquisite piece of artwork

It says a lot about the giver. Emphasising the personal thought and dedicated time that has gone into making the beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift. Creating that gorgeous, warm, fuzzy feeling, for the giver as well as the recipient. Chosen and made especially for them. Transforming ordinary, everyday materials into something extraordinary. Full of meaning and made with love.

It’s that little bit of cosiness and warmth. Perfectly wrapped up by the lovely Danish word, Hygge (pronounced “Hoo-gah”). For the giver / maker, it is the dedication of some time out. Connecting with the tools and materials to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Specifically with someone in mind. It pauses time. Allowing a perfect sense of stillness and connection. Away from the busyness of life. Allowing yourself to be fully absorbed, hands-on making. Savouring the moment. Taking notice of the little pleasures in life. A fulfilling sense of achievement and satisfaction. For the recipient it is the delight and the real sense of love and importance. It can beautifully hold cherished memories and capture a moment in time.

Winter proposal - bespoke paper cut artwork

Bespoke artwork. Unique design composition inspired from a selection of photographs to celebrate a winter proposal. A beautiful way to capture a perfect moment in time.



Capturing a little bit of ‘Hygge’ for your handmade Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to spend quality time with family and friends:

  • It could be decorating a Christmas tree.
  • Making mince pies or adding a personal finishing touch to store bought ones.
  • Making paper chains.
  • Decorating the table and perfectly laying each place setting ready for the guests to arrive.
  • Wrapping gifts adorned with seasonal finds.
  • Handwriting thank you cards, everyone loves to receive in the post something that’s extra special.
  • Christmas carols and songs, listening at a local concert or joining in with the radio.
  • Adorning your staircase or front door with boughs of festive foliage.
  • Settling down in your cosy winter pyjamas and fluffy socks to watch a Christmas film.
  • Wrapping up warm to take a walk or cosy drive to see the beautiful Christmas lights.


hygge cosy Christmas


What will you be hand making this Christmas? 

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