One unique experience…

Written by Becks

If I had to choose one word to sum up the unique experience you can create by handcrafting your very own stationery collection it would have to be “Hygge”

Hygge (pronounced “Hoo-gah”); a Danish word that describes the cosiness and warmth of togetherness. Taking time out from our busy day-to-day living to slow down for a moment. To take note of the little things that make the everyday extraordinary.

It’s about getting together with your loved ones, for a relaxed, creative and fun time where you can create your stationery whilst sharing stories (perhaps from childhood, fond memories, the funny moments you’ve encountered whilst planning your wedding day – I can definitely think of a few!), marriage tips and enjoying a delicious spread of your favourite treats, food and drink. The time shared together in this way can be really good for the soul; your wellbeing and happiness.

It doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant you can create the experience how you want it to be, personal to you. You can also create the different items of stationery from your collection at different times – it doesn’t have to be all completed in one sitting either, it is there ready for when you are. You could create:

  • a cosy, intimate time with your Fiancé to handcraft your invitations together during the evening or weekend – add your favourite music, a burning log fire or candles, drinks and a your favourite take-a-way
  • time spent with your mum, cherishing your unique mother & daughter relationship whilst adding the finishing touches to your stationery over coffee & cake
  • with your bridesmaids, best friends and family, for a fun, creative night with the girls for your hen party! Make it extra special.

You’ll be creating lasting memories and adding personal touches to your day that have been handmade by your loved ones. Everyone keeps telling me that “…your Wedding day will go so fast” – I want to enjoy every minute of the day and make it last, so having these physical reminders before, during and after the day are definitely a great way to cherish all those moments and details. It doesn’t make it solely about the one day; it makes it part of the whole adventure, the lead up and beyond…

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