Planning your day… exploring your theme

Written by Becks

Create your day, your way – always start with the two of you & your wedding date…

Why the date? The time of year you are getting married is a real treasure trove and can make substantial savings within your wedding budget.

Plan with the season and explore your theme

Start with your seasonal mood 

These gorgeous mood boards will start to give you an insight into how to work with your season – whether you take inspiration from the colours, textures, sights, sounds, smells and tastes it is all these details that will start to come together to help form a picture of how you both want your day to be and what you can incorporate to bring your dreams to reality.

Make a note:

  • what your venue is like at your chosen time of year
  • the flowers / greenery that are likely to be around
  • favourite colours
  • your style / food likes and dislikes
  • wedding ‘must-haves’
  • how you want both want your day to feel
  • do you have a creative friend or family members willing to help?

A big part of me would love to plan my wedding for every season because hand on heart I know it would create a completely different look, feel and style. Every season is so unique and has a charm of its own – it would affect our food choices, decorations, attire, flowers, colour scheme… This is why I truly love weddings, teaming seasonal inspirations with your story creates a completely original, one-of-a-kind wedding that is personal, full of charm, real beauty and magical. The best way to describe it is like that ‘film moment’ – everything in the right place at the right time, soundtrack on cue that captures your emotions and personality as a couple, surrounded by loved ones (your own personal and very real ‘cast’ – your biggest cheer leaders, who have been with you through the many life events that are part of your story), beautiful set dressed with with romantic flowers and charming personal details that just completely transform your venue for your unique day – perfection.

One couple told me in the run up to our wedding that “Your wedding is the one day in your life that everyone is there just for the two of you”. Those words really stayed with me, partly because there were loved ones who had been a big part my life who would be greatly missed, (we came up with a beautiful way to incorporate a memory of them as part of our ceremony), but also for the real impact of how much something so personal and intimate, as the act of marriage, means to loved ones – it is pretty overwhelming. We were really touched by all the messages of congratulations and best wishes.

Everyone is at your wedding to cheer you on, to show their support, to be a part of your day, to celebrate with you as you make your declarations of love to each other. Weddings are such a heartfelt occasion, emotions will be running high, and it is all these little insights and personal touches that capture your personality and allow the real beauty to shine through, creating lasting memories…all part of your story.

One other thing to note when working with the seasons is to be creative, organic and flexible with your ideas – nature has its own secret timings, but that being said you will discover an abundance of alternative delights and probably some surprises as to how you can incorporate fabulous seasonal elements into your day. As soon as the year starts to enter into your season take some time out to enjoy a walk together in your favourite places, see what is around you, what is in your garden, the garden centre… 

Take it as it comes, work with the season – and really enjoy your planning and creating your unique day.


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