Newly wed!

Written by Becks

The morning of our big day arrived – with an early start to keep to schedule. It was slightly cloudy with a cool breeze and glimpses of blue sky so it looked like a promising day (though we were prepared with our ‘His & Hers’ yellow wellington boots and yellow brolly at the stand by – which had come in very handy for our pre-wedding photo shoot!).

colour scheme

— I would highly recommend taking up the opportunity to have a pre-wedding photo shoot with your chosen photographer; we had a great time and it helped us to get used to the idea of being in front of the camera, how your photographer works, to build a rapport with them. On the day of our wedding everyone assumed our photographer was a friend of ours – seamlessly fitting in with the day.

We had the most perfect day and really couldn’t have asked for more. Everything went smoothly and all our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Did the day go fast? Yes and no… all the preparation time went so quickly, but the waiting to start the ceremony along with our journey in the much loved and admired Campervan, and the afternoon outside in the glorious unexpected sunshine, admidst laughter, chatter and bubbles – time just seemed to slow down and stand still. The relaxed day gave everyone a chance to catch up and enjoy a tantalising BBQ buffet spread and strawberry cream teas…but all to soon it was time for the good-byes (that was the hardest part) — I completely loved the day, it was a dream come true, surpassing all our expectations, and made many memories for us to treasure…

Now it’s time for all the name changes – but more on that in another post!

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Enjoy x


PHOTO CREDITS: ‘Yellow wellies’ – the lovely DAVID HAMMOND PHOTOGRAPHY | VW Campervan from WEDDING WAGENS – photo from one of our awesome wedding guests
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