On the home straight…

Written by Becks

Spring has most definitely sprung and we’re on the home straight to our wedding day – (not long now!). A pre-wedding photo shoot to go then it’s flowers, cake, decorations and on the day stationery – very excited – can’t wait to decorate the venue and see it all come together!

We’ve kept things fairly relaxed with the decorations and flowers with the hope of using beautiful seasonal finds. That being said, the white cherry blossom has just started to burst into gorgeous delicate blooms – a little bit earlier than usual this year (thankfully we have the back up plan of supermarkets and local garden centres). We’ve also made a lot of the decorations in advance from paper – taking inspiration from nature to create stunning blooms and poms, as well as up-cycling paper envelopes saved up ready. Up-cycling has added an extra personal touch as some of the flowers have been made from the envelopes that our ‘new home’ and ‘engagement’ cards came in.


handcrafted paper daisies


Paper is such a versatile medium – I absolutely love working with it and I am always intrigued as to what can be made. It can be cut, folded, torn, moulded and shaped to create imaginative and realistic forms as well as producing delicate and intricate items. It can inspire through it’s creativity and capture a beautiful moment in time… lots of exciting ideas and products being created for you…

– watch this space!


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