Location, location… the venue

Written by Becks


There are many different types of venue you can choose for your wedding; from barns, and garden rooms for hire, through to castles, manor houses, grand estates and the great outdoors. Perhaps you have dreamt about your perfect location since childhood, or maybe there is a family history or strong personal connection with a certain location.

Some styles of venue are simply the perfect match for your theme – however if you have fallen head-over-heels in love with a certain one but know in your heart it will over stretch you financially – stop and take a step back to review your options and priorities. Is there a different package they could offer? What areas are you willing to compromise on?

There is another way and it might just happen to be even more personal and a perfect fit for you…

Take elements from what makes a particular venue or location work so well; is it the space, an outdoor area, a particular room, the building itself, the character of the property, the area etc…? Discover if there are alternative beautiful options where you can create a small part of that charm in another location or near by that would work seamlessly within your budget…

Intimate Wedding – exclusive hire of a garden / mill / favourite pub or hotel / beach / woodland / family home / village hall / abroad / village green / castle ruins / chapel / landmarks / Gretna Green / walled garden / orangery / meadow

Festival Style – marquee in a field / bell tents / fair / barn hire / country village hall / hire the grounds of a beautiful garden or National Trust property

Classical Heritage – exclusive use of a property and/or grounds of a stately home / manor / castle / hotel / old school

Coastal Charm – beach restaurant / cafe / quiet or ‘secret’ beach / cliff views / marquee / boat / cruise / driftwood arch / island

…each one can add a unique enchanting touch of romance through how you choose to style and dress your venue – from the colours through to selecting the perfect accessories, flowers, greenery, decorations, table settings, favours, food, drink, entertainment… etc.

Design & Styling beautifully brings the elements together within your theme to help capture your personality and add a personal charm to your day that’s unique to you… if you are struggling to see past your budget to discover the different possibilities and potential for your theme – drop me an email

Design to tell your story…


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