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A touch of metallic – paper & ink

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Paper & ink are the perfect combination for announcing your special celebrations and milestones in style. Providing a beautiful, lasting keepsake to remember the details and feelings of your day.

How do you make it really unique to you? What special finishes can you add? Here’s a little insight into luxury paper stock options available along with the process for adding metallic ‘ink’ to create stationery unique to you and your day.

Paper stock

You can create such a unique look and style to your stationery through your choice of paper stock – including a touch of metallic!

For a subtle finish, pearlescent paper stock has a dew-like shimmer that exquisitely catches the light. Sumptuously giving the impression of ‘gold dust’ or ‘star dust’.

Envelopes are available in an assortment of finishes from subtle pearlescent shades through to striking metallics. These work stylishly well, teamed with your invitations printed on to heavy weight, uncoated, paper stock.

Why not add a ‘silver’ lining to your envelopes for a luxurious finish? Create a template for your envelope to sit within the glued area of the flap plus enough to tuck inside the envelope. Trace and cut around your template from the reverse side of your chosen metallic paper stock (this can be a light weight paper stock – silk paper works beautifully). Score and fold the flap, then glue into position.


Metallic Ink

Foiling is a luxury finish that adds a stunning quality to your stationery. Use it to highlight the main details of your stationery; for instance your names and date, or just your monogram emblem.

There are two different processes;

1/ slip foiling which uses a lamination process to transfer the foil to your paper stationery


2/ hot foil stamping which uses a bespoke metal plate (stamp) of your design, created just for you. This option is perfect if you need a large amount of stationery. For example, a monogram design that you’d like printing across all your stationery (think royal wedding) – where it will appear the same size and colour throughout. You could even have your very own letterheads created for all your correspondence. How nice would it be receive a handwritten letter in the post with this stunning detail and touch of nostalgic charm?

Both options have a slightly longer lead time due to the manual processes involved requiring to be passed through the print press two or more times to add this timeless finish.

For the slip foiling process, the number of passes through the print press is dependent on the number of colours used within your design. The artwork is meticulously set up in separate layers for your colour printing and your foiling. Using spot colours to denote the areas ready for the metallic finish. The foil is then heat pressed and laminated to keep it looking dapper!

What metallics are available?

Slip foiling process; traditional gold, silver, bronze*

Hot foil stamping process; Traditional gold, silver, bronze, rose gold, antique gold*

*Other colours can be custom ordered – please let us know what you require


Looking for a do-it-yourself option?

Bespoke wooden stamp

Why not have your monogram design transformed into your very own wooden stamp (we can design and source this for you). You can then use it for all your wedding stationery items, as well as for years to come for all your personal handwritten correspondence – embellishing with sentimental charm. Then you can stamp and heat emboss, with specialist embossing powder that comes in a variety of metallic shades, readily available from your local craft shop.

1/ Stamp your design using pigment based ink.

2/ Sprinkle with metallic heat embossing powder.

3/ Tip up your stationery and give it a gentle tap and flick from the back to help remove excess powder and return it safely back into the container. Use a dry, soft paint brush to remove any last little areas of excess.

4/ Use a craft heat gun, moving in a circular motion over your stamped design to gently heat and emboss. You’ll see it start to transform fairly quickly, be careful not to overheat as this will dull the finish.

Use a test piece to start with and always follow the instructions that come with your embossing powder and heat gun.


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