Capturing your day…your way

Written by Becks


Photography is generally considered one of the ‘big ones’ for your day – it is the one element you book that has the sole purpose of capturing and recording your day so that you can look back on and re-live it throughout the years – (no pressure then!).

Your photographer has to be ready for the action when it happens and be creative to capture the essence of your day;

…the bridal party, the venue, the weather (and whatever challenges it may bring), camera shy little ones, all the little details you have chosen or that have been personally made for you (or by you)… – lots of brides are opting for a handmade wedding style.

That being said, it does not mean you cannot have fun with your photos – far from it (and I would definitely encourage you to – as this will really help your personality to shine through!). Photography is not the only way to uniquely capture your day either, read on to discover some truly beautiful options…

How to choose your photographer?

Start by referencing back to your personal mood board ( http://paperbuttercup.co.uk/inspiration/ ) and define the key style of photography that captures the main feeling you want to experience on the day:

Formal – portraiture / artistic / traditional

Lifestyle – photo journalism / story telling / relaxed / natural

Fine Art – fashion / creative display and lighting / unique compositions / artistic

It is absolutely okay to want a mix of the styles. You will find your photographer will have elements of each of the different photographic styles within their portfolio but you are looking for the one that captures that main feeling the most. 

Next personality – chat with them, talk about your plans for your day, other weddings they have documented – you want to get along with your photographer as they will be there with you, mainly behind the scenes, for your entire day…

We mainly wanted informal photos to document our day in a natural, journalistic way. Having discussed and complied a list of key photos we really wanted to capture, everything else was a bonus and allowed freedom to capture the day as it was. Once we had a rough itinerary of our day, our photographer added suggestions we hadn’t even thought of – including taking a slightly longer route to the reception in the camper van (allowing our photographer and some of our guests to arrive ahead of us) as well as a short trip out later on in the day to a field of gold – completely full of yellow rapeseed flowers. These buttery scented flowers towered above us merging straight into the clear blue sky – we even had a photo taken with the farmer (he was slightly bemused by the whole idea but honoured) – it was fantastic, something unique, something seasonal and preciously gave us just that little bit of time out together before rejoining all our guests.

Pre-wedding shoot?

– I would definitely recommend grabbing the opportunity – see blog post http://paperbuttercup.co.uk/spring/newly-wed/ it is also really nice to see the quality and details of the photos of your story, gives you a great idea of what to expect with your wedding photos!

What can you use the pre-wedding shoot photos for?

  • to announce your engagement
  • save the date for your big day
  • house warming invitation
  • a gorgeous professional photo to add to your Order of Service or bespoke wedding stationery
  • a beautiful gift for your parents on the day of your wedding

More unique ways to capture your wedding…

Holding something physical that was from your wedding, brings back memories from your day – here are some great ways to cherish those moments and make them last:


  • dry or press the beautiful petals and flowers from your bouquet
  • have a stunning, unique piece of artwork created from fabric trims and attire from your day – even your wedding dress! (…helping you to keep a little bit of your dream dress on display and not stored away out of sight in the loft). Your story frame: http://www.inkshed-designstudio.co.uk/story-frame.html
  • scrapbook your wedding – include your invitations and stationery, tags, polaroid photos, note down gifts given, document your dress, shoes, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, the cake, guest comments, letters, cards, feelings, lyrics from your song / first dance – little snippets from your day…
  • videography – ask a guest to film your ceremony, or have your own documentary made by  professional videographer, create your own soundtrack for a real personal finish (remember to include your song)
  • left over wedding cake? – freeze some (okay this one will not last for years but it is a lovely way to extend the taste of the celebrations!)
  • objects / decorations from your day – if like me you incorporated items in your wedding that you can re-use or replant, you will have a beautiful reminder present every day
  • gift list? …watch for the next post for a great way to create a lasting reminder from your day!


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