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How to add a metallic gilt edge

Written by Becks

Looking for a do-it-yourself option to add a touch of metallic to your stationery? Try adding an elegant gilded edge to your tags and invitations with metallic paint. Here we’ve used #plastikoteuk fast dry metallic enamel and loved the results!

metallic gilt edge

This works best with smooth, heavy weight paper stock, as the layers will sit closely together helping to prevent the enamel from seeping through. Always experiment with a couple of test pieces first so you feel happy and comfortable with the technique.

How to add a gilt edge

  1. Create a small, neat stack of your stationery. They all need to be same size with the edges flush. Add a rough copy, cut to the same size to top and bottom of the stack.
  2. Bull dog clip your stack together to hold them tight.
  3. Using a bud or sponge, gently and lightly add the metallic enamel to the edges of the available, clear sides. The enamel dries really quickly so you should be able to carefully adjust the bulldog clips after a minute without smudging, to then enamel the remaining sides.
  4. Leave for a minute, until just touch dry, then carefully separate your stationery and leave them to completely dry. Ready to delight your guests!

Imagine your menus carefully laid out in each place setting with their beautiful gilt edges. Tied simply with a sprig of rosemary and finished with a co-ordinating gilt edged handwritten place name tag. Ready to welcome the arrival of your guests.