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Your Order of Ceremony – personal to you

Written by Becks


When it comes to your Order of Ceremony what do you include? How do you make it personal to you? Do you really need an Order of Ceremony? Discover how you can achieve a personal keepsake that beautifully documents the details of your day.

What is the role of your Order of Ceremony?
  • It gives your guests something personal to read whilst they eagerly await your arrival
  • To inform guests of timings, activities, events
  • It reassures readers and participants when the need to stand and deliver their part
  • It’s a physical record of your day
  • To create a lasting cherished keepsake for yourselves and your guests

For the bride and groom the wedding ceremony goes so quickly. There is so much to take in and process. A beautiful mix of joy and emotion.

As you walk down the aisle you are concentrating on all those little things that naturally run through your mind. (Like not tripping on the steps, where you need to stand, what you need to say, how you need to place your hands, and when and what if…). The best advice is to take things as they come. What will be will be. There will be things you can’t control, like the weather, and little ones being camera shy or wanting to be centre stage. If things don’t go quite as intended try to see the bright side. Focus on the next step and enjoy your day.


Types of Orders of Ceremony

Your Order of Ceremony can be created unique to you in a variety of formats from a

  • flat ceremony card
  • folded leaflet style
  • booklet complete with insert

Each printed on beautiful paper stock that will last for years to come. The style and format you choose will be dependent on the amount of information you would like to include and the style of your event.

Flat cards are perfect for sharing the running order of events – complete with names of each participant.

Folded leaflet / booklet styles are perfect for including the readings, poems, songs and hymns.

Additionally, or alternatively, we can create a large printed sign! Detailing the order of events for display at the entrance. Why not use this as a contemporary guest book after the ceremony? You could then frame or mount, to hang on your wall as a personal keepsake.



What to include?

A handy checklist for items to consider:

  • Your names, date of wedding, venue
  • Your Officiant
  • Entrance of the bridal party
  • Welcome
  • Prayers / Blessings
  • Responses from family and friends gathered
  • Hymns / Songs
  • Readings / Poems
  • Exit of the newly weds
  • Names of the bridal party
  • ‘Confetti’ group photo invitation – (what’s this?)
  • Details of what’s happening afterwards
  • Your ‘something blue’ – blue ink, or tied with blue satin ribbon or thread


Making it personal to you:
  • Adding a heartfelt message of thanks, welcoming your guests, adds a real personal touch.
  • You can add a photograph of you both, perhaps from your engagement, or from your favourite place to visit.
  • Why not add the lyrics from your first dance?
  • You could tell your guests how you met – and carry the story on at your reception with your beautiful table stationery.
  • Commission an illustrated design perhaps of your venue, or a map.

Illustrated Order of ceremony

These beautiful keepsakes are also available for milestones throughout your life. To celebrate new arrivals, mark special occasions, and to create lasting tributes for loved ones.

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Let’s chat through your ideas. Your Order of Ceremony will be designed completely personal to you, so you can include as much (or as little) content as you like.

Beautiful design to tell your story.


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